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"Start-To-Finish WiFi Solution" Success Story

May 17th, 2022 | 2 min. read

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In March 2022, a managed wireless provider requested support services for engineering and design after spotting an opportunity to construct a WIFI network at an RV park and campground in Colorado. The managed wireless provider offers services to hotels, campgrounds, and other businesses who require robust wireless solutions.

The Proposal

During the process of drafting a proposal where a robust, high-performance WIFI network was needed, they requested an estimated cost analysis from Guide Star Support Services. Taking a detailed look at the project, Guide Star assembled the resources and delivered a cost-effective turnkey solution for remote engineering, design support, and equipment selection at an attractive price point. Turnaround time for a thorough survey of the prospective customer, design of the network within the RV park and campground, and quote for a bill of materials took less than ten days!

The Solution

By providing our valued partner a competitive bid for new, managed wireless, Guide Star was able to help with the expansion of this managed wireless provider’s own business, as well as support and monitor the network once deployed. Simply put, the cost of network design services was far less from Guide Star than if the company had hired internal engineers to complete the same workload. With existing processes in place, Guide Star’s managed wireless team had the survey completed in a very short timeframe with detailed accuracy, utilizing industry-leading tools.

Notably, Guide Star continues to provide engineering support on a part-time basis for this managed wireless provider. The partnership allows them to grow and expand their customer base without having to expend resources on recruiting and maintaining an in-house staff of costly certified design engineers.

If you need to save time and money on research and development, reach out for a quote from Guide Star’s trusted team and we’ll be happy to provide a strategy based on your needs.

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Guide Star is an innovative team of experts with the energy to deliver world-class, service-based security and technology solutions virtually. Guide Star’s Support Services are SOC Type II certified and ready to support your customers today. Complete the form below and a representative from our business development team will get back with you in one business day or less!