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Guide Star Architects Business Strategy

Focus on What Makes You Money

For world-class security and technology, Guide Star is an innovative team of experts that deliver virtual service-based solutions. Eliminate costs and overhead with a fixed fee approach, so that you can set your sights on growth and focus on increasing your bottom line.

Security and Technology Services

IT Management 




Cloud Management 


Network Operations Center (NOC)


Wireless Solutions


24/7 Contact Center 


VOIP Services


Secure Your Path

Becoming a business leader means knowing where to allocate your resources. Why carry the burden of rapidly changing Technology, Cyber Security, and Staffing Challenges? In-house staff requires continual training and education just to keep up. Focus on what matters within your core business and let Guide Star navigate through technical competencies, increasing cybersecurity, and 24/7 technical support.

Construction Planning

Orientation and Alignment

Help our team understand where you need to go.

Guide Star Compass Map

Chart the Course

Guide Star provides a best-fit solution based on your goals and provides a concise proposal.

Journey Cross Country Skier

Start Your Journey

Follow Guide Star through the onboarding process to begin seeing value.

Business Rising Chart Growth

Navigate To Success

Proactive maintenance, 24/7 monitoring, and support coupled with standard monthly reporting ensures no stone is left unturned and program milestones are met.