Managed Phone Services (VoIP)

Hassle-Free Cloud Communications Designed for Scale

At Guide Star, our team of VoIP professionals understands that businesses, hotels, healthcare, and other multi-unit entities have complex needs and requirements for their phone systems. That’s why we proudly provide VoIP solutions at a price point that reduces capital costs and ongoing operating costs while better managing additions and changes to the system.

The Benefits of VoIP:
  • Adaptable Features to Meet Your Needs
  • Scalable to Match Growth
  •  Use Your Preferred Devices
  • Reliable Connection In and Out of Office
  • Cost-Effective Pricing
  • Improved Call Quality
Guide Star Employee On Computer Managing Phone Services VOIP
Guide Star Worker Talking With Clients about Cost-Effective VoIP Solutions

Scalable, Cost-Effective VoIP Solutions

That Keep Your Teams Clearly Connected

With Guide Star as your VoIP partner, you don’t need to worry about hidden or unexpected costs. In fact, we are committed to continuously improving our unique VoIP services and features!

What is Voice Over IP (VoIP)?

Digital, Cloud-Based Voice Calling for Better Communication

Voice over IP (VoIP) is a type of phone management system that leverages digital calling services to keep multiple lines active with custom features, using cloud-based services. When you choose VoIP with Guide Star, our professional teams stand in and guide you through a hassle-free transition to cloud communications while providing 24/7 monitoring and support to keep your teams connected in-office and on the go.

Our Managed Phone Services Include:
  • Infrastructure & Account Setup
  • Account Management & Permissions
  • System Maintenance & Optimization
  • Troubleshooting & Issue Resolution
  • Analytics & Capacity Planning
Guide Star Employee Dialing on Phone

Understanding Your Unique Needs

Hands-On Support for Seamless Integration

Staying connected has taken on a new meaning in today’s business landscape. From smart phones and tablets to traditional phone lines, there are many means of communication to consider when developing the right solution to meet your needs. That’s why we work to have a  deep understanding of your IT infrastructure and communication requirements. In doing so, we can ensure proper security and appropriate management of all required integrations to consistently deliver crystal clear calling with unmatched support.

Stay Connected In-Office and On the Go

With Our Managed Phone (VoIP) Solutions Today

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