Customizable IT Support, Strategy, and Security Services

Guide Star Employees customizing IT Support
Uniquely Designed for Small to Mid-Sized Businesses

At Guide Star, we focus on building, streamlining, monitoring, and supporting business technologies for our clients so they can worry less about technical complexities and put their energy into the overall health of the business. With dedicated support teams, 24/7/365 support, and access to exclusive industry-leading, enterprise-level IT and security tools, our clients have peace of mind when it comes to tech and the confidence and capacity to expand their business.

IT Management & Support

We Handle the Tech so You Can Lead

When it comes to developing the right IT solution for your business, we like to start at the beginning. Our skilled and experienced IT teams work to develop a deep understanding of your business, your team, and your customers so we can offer real solutions that meet your needs and budget. Our managed IT services cover a wide range of design, implementation, monitoring, and support including: Systems Administration, Network Services, Server Support, Strategic IT Planning, Business Communication, MDR Services, Technology Support Services, Equipment Support.

Systems Administration
Microsoft server admin, M365 admin, server backups, testing & storage management, data migrations.

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Network Services
Network assessment and optimization, network design, network build, network maintenance.

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Server Support

Remote patching, monitoring, data backup, disaster recovery, business continuity assistance, cybersecurity analysis and implementation, compliance.

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Strategic IT Planning
Growth planning, hardware expansion, software expansion, transition to remote workforce.

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Business Communication
Audio and video platform recommendations, implementation, and maintenance.

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MDR Services
Monitoring, strategizing, and response to security weaknesses and threats.

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Technology Support Services
Onboarding processes, network policies, Office365 support, cloud management, multi-factor authentication, anti-malware.

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Equipment Support
Offboarding old equipment, setting up new equipment, maintaining equipment in use.

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Cybersecurity Solutions

Protecting Your Business, Your Team, and Your Customers

Manage changing technologies, address new vulnerabilities, and meet regulatory compliance with cybersecurity solutions and support from Guide Star. While cybersecurity remains one of the most pressing IT issues today, it doesn’t have to derail your business. At Guide Star, we provide:

Cybersecurity Guidance

Advisory services, explanatory material development, impact analysis, existing system review, vulnerability review, growth and expansion planning.

Cybersecurity Assessments

Identification of security gaps, comprehensive review of organizational risk, tailored roadmaps including tech recommendations, compliance.

Continuous Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability identification, vulnerability assessment, migration processes, system monitoring, application monitoring, network monitoring.

Managed Detection and Response

Security incident detection, incident mitigation, risk mitigation.

Phish Testing & Security Awareness

Continuous testing campaigns, comprehensive reporting, quick training access, compliance.

Guide Star Employee Cybersecurity Grant Support

Cybersecurity Grant Writing Support

Helping Entities Secure Maximum Grant Support for Cybersecurity Initiatives

Entities like municipalities, state governments, tribal communities, telecoms, and ISPs are now eligible for grant funding to support enhanced cybersecurity practices. Our expert team has kept a close eye on these grants, their requirements, and filing processes to help our eligible clients create sound cybersecurity expansion plans that ensure maximum grant allocation. Our grant writing advisory services include:

  • Application writing & support
  • Assessments & evaluations of existing systems
  • Committee development
  • Cybersecurity expansion planning
  • Impact analysis & projections
  • Filing & monitoring
Person In Coffee Shop on a laptop With Fast Wi-Fi

Managed Wi-Fi Solutions

Keep Your Stakeholders Connected and Secure

Your team members, customers, and stakeholders seek out ease and convenience when connecting to Wi-Fi. At Guide Star, we actively work to provide managed wireless solutions that allow users to connect to a network granting property-wide access. Backed by industry-leading cloud-based technology, management, controls, and the ability to troubleshoot a business or property’s Wi-Fi remotely, our managed Wi-Fi solutions are ideal for corporate campuses, hospitality, offices, event venues, and more.

Guide Star Managed Phone Services

Managed Phone Services/VoIP

Modern Communication Systems Designed to Keep You Connected

At Guide Star, we recognize that businesses and hotels have complex communication needs and requirements. That’s why we proudly deliver reliable VoIP solutions at a price point that reduce capital and operating costs while managing client changes. We are committed to improving services and features, offering no-fee Move, Add, Change, Deletes (MACDs), high-quality of customer care, and overall reliability.

We’re Here to Help

Level Up Your IT Management & Cybersecurity with Guide Star

Managing your tech, keeping your team connected, and ensuring your business is secure doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. With Guide Star as your Managed IT and Cybersecurity partner, you can worry less about the tech and more about the direction and trajectory of your business.  Let’s work together to drive your business forward.

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