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Keep Cyber Threats at Bay and Protect Your Business

If technology is essential to your business, so is cybersecurity. In fact, cybersecurity remains one of the most pressing IT issues for businesses today. Most CIOs recognize cybersecurity as a top-five business issue, but small to mid-size businesses don’t always have the in-house resources to set up proper protection. That’s where Guide Star comes in.

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Cybersecurity Tailored to Your Needs

Protecting Your Business, Your Team, and Your Clients

At Guide Star, we are focused on developing security solutions that meet the unique needs of small to medium businesses. We understand the importance of aligning our related spending to each customer’s budget to ensure maximum protection with staying within your budget. Our team and our strategies are technology agnostic and we don’t resell security hardware or software so we can leverage the widest range of technologies and services to develop a solution tailored to your business.

We can assist with augmenting your existing cybersecurity program or implement an entirely new one, depending on needs of your business, your team, and your customers. We also offer advisory services and can help craft materials that can explain business impacts to board members and executives along with the best path forward to ensure unilateral buy-in and a seamless transition to improved services.

Cybersecurity Assessments

Identify, Strategize, and Repair Security Gaps with Guide Star

In-house IT teams may not have the cybersecurity expertise or the time it takes to monitor threats 24/7, so a Cybersecurity Assessment from Guide Star can help identify security gaps. Our assessments provide a 360-degree view of your organization’s risk. Taking proactive steps to mitigate identified risks can mean the difference between a data breach or business as usual. Here’s a brief overview of what our assessment includes:

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Infrastructure Analysis
We provide a detailed analysis of existing infrastructure and recommend ways to improve both system and data security.

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A Roadmap Approach
We utilize a roadmap approach, with clear next steps based on the level of impact. You choose what to do and when.

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Unbiased Technology Recommendations
We are recommendation and technology agnostic meaning we work to develop solutions that support what’s right for your business, not what costs the most.

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Insurance Compliance
We develop action items that specifically align with requirements for cybersecurity insurance policies

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Our IT Cybersecurity Solutions

Guide Star Worker In Proactive Continuous Vulnerability Management

Continuous Vulnerability Management

Our Continuous Vulnerability Management (CVM) service is a proactive approach to identifying, assessing, and mitigating vulnerabilities in your organization’s IT infrastructure. It involves the continuous monitoring of systems, applications, and networks to detect potential weaknesses and security flaws.

Key Services:

  • Vulnerability identification
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Migration processes
  • System monitoring
  • Application monitoring
  • Network monitoring
Managed Detection and Response Icon

Managed Detection and Response

Our MDR service helps organizations improve their security posture by quickly detecting and responding to security incidents, minimizing the impact of cyber attacks, and reducing the dwell time of attackers within the network.

Key Services:

  • Security incident detection
  • Incident mitigation
  • Risk mitigation
Guide Star Employee Phish Testing & Security Awareness

Phish Testing & Security Awareness

By regularly conducting phish testing and providing security awareness training, organizations can significantly enhance their employees’ ability to recognize and mitigate cyber attacks. Guide Star’s Phish Testing and Training service uses an engaging curriculum that teaches you best practices of online safety.

Key Services:

  • Continuous testing campaigns
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Quick training access
  • Compliance strategy

Boost Your Cybersecurity Plan

To Ensure the Safety, Security, and Longevity of Your Business

As a growing businesses, you have an increased need for world-class cybersecurity and technology solutions. We’re an innovative team of experts that will actively work to enable you to do even more of what you’re great at, and increase your bottom line while we take care of the rest.

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