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Advanced Network Monitoring Solutions

At Guide Star, we understand that you’ve got other crucial tasks to cover and there isn’t always room or resources to constantly monitor your IT infrastructure. But with our Network Operation Centers (NOCs) and advanced network monitoring solutions, we’ll provide the expert technicians and enterprise level technology to monitor your networks so you can focus on your core business.

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Your Partner for Network Monitoring & Support

The Benefits of Guide Star’s NOC Services
  • Equipment Monitoring
    our professional IT teams use state-of-the-art device monitoring software to monitor and log equipment status and to identify if any equipment is being overused or requires an upgrade, minimizing potential downtime.
  • Monthly Reporting
    our teams sent out detailed month reports with capacity performance indicators to help you understand any issues and alerts that came up. Every call make to our NOC team is documented for reference and to ensure all issues are cleared quickly.
  • Back-End Processing
    we will automatically open up a ticket for an alert and run it through resolution whenever needed. If the ticket requires third-party support, we will open up that ticket, if authorized.

The Clients & Industries We Support

We have been proudly providing support services for over a decade. Our client base covers 3,000+ apartment and hotel networks that cover over 400,000 devices!

We Support:

  • Hotel & Resort Managers
    by providing reliable internet connection for guests and staff while minimizing network incidents.
  • MDU Property Managers
    by acting as their IT department for tenants, increasing tenant satisfaction with internet amenities, and attracting higher-quality tenants with better internet service.
  • OEM Businesses
    by handling their product support so their engineers can focus on selling, and only get involved when absolutely necessary.
Apartment Complex Guide Star Supports

Grow Your Business with Guide Star

Scalable Network Solutions Designed to Adapt

When it comes to choosing a partner to monitor and maintain your networks off site, there’s nothing more important than trust. That’s why we work hard to maintain three key pillars of network monitoring service:

We Keep You Connected Icon
We Keep You Connected

Our support teams will monitor your WI-FI network 24/7 to identify issues early and ensure uninterrupted operations to help your subscribers stay connected around the clock.

We Bring The Tools Icon
We Bring the Right Tools

Our monitoring solutions include the ticketing, monitoring, and phone system, so you don’t have to equip and manage everything on your own.

We Grow With You Icon
We Grow With You

We don’t believe in minimum subscriber counts! Our services are specifically designed to be scalable and accommodating to grow alongside your business.

Tap in to Continuous Connection

With Our Network Operation Center Services

Connect with our NOC experts to get started on the right support solution for hotel, OEM, or MDU property today. Keep your tenants, guests, and customers connected– get started by filling out our simple form below.

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