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Your guests deserve the best!

Which aspects of your customers' visits do you wish you could improve? If Wi-Fi, phone service quality, technical support, or even advanced video casting or smart home features are on the list, we can help!

Technology is a growing factor in your guests' experience. We'd love to discuss specifics, and we've included a few of the ways we can assist.


Managed Wi-Fi Solutions

Individuals want ease and convenience when connecting to Wi-Fi. Guide Star provides a managed wireless solution that allows users to connect to a network granting property-wide access. Backed by industry-leading cloud-based technology, management, controls, and the ability to troubleshoot a business or property’s Wi-Fi remotely.

Guest Experience Wi-Fi
Guide Star Contact Center Smiling Woman

24/7 Contact Center

In order to guarantee an optimal experience for both service providers and Wi-Fi users, Guide Star's Contact Center operates round the clock, 365 days a year. We proudly maintain a diverse global workforce, with expert employees located in the US and internationally. Our technicians undergo rigorous training and certification from industry leaders, ensuring the establishment of a thorough and efficient support system for customers.

Managed Phone Services

Businesses and hotels have complex needs and requirements. Guide Star delivers VoIP solutions at a price point that reduces capital costs and ongoing operating costs while managing clients' additions and changes. Commitment to improving service and features is a top priority, offering no-fee Move, Add, Change, Deletes (MACDs), high-quality of customer care, and reliability.

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Advanced Network Monitoring Control Center

Network Operations Center

Businesses with complex networks require full transparency and need to keep their networks operational. Guide Star's Network Operations Center (NOC) provides proactive network monitoring and technical expertise to identify points of failure, allowing corrective action prior to impacting customers by resolving issues remotely, in turn preventing costly truck rolls.

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